Live review: Summer Nights 2012 featuring Aaron Wright, Lovers Turn to Monsters, The Sea Kings, Brown Bear and the Bandits at Tut’s, 18/7/12

The wonderfully bluesy Aaron Wright and his band are a pretty suave looking bunch.


The 23 year old from Edinburgh sounds like he has been performing well beyond years and begins with the whimsical ‘Trampoline’, setting the standard pretty high for the rest of the night.

The summery harmonies and slightly folky charm makes for an extremely rewarding listen, and anyone that includes a harmonica in their line up gets the thumbs up from me.

The Scottish twang in ‘Go On Yerself’ provides a real festival-style sing-along moment and newer tracks with random titles like ‘Masie the Cash Cow’ sound promising.

Oh, and the heckle of the night goes to “that guys got lovely hair”.

I presume they were talking about the keyboard player with his Brad Pitt worthy locks, although Wright also has a barnet to be reckoned with.

Kyle Wood, aka Lovers Turn to Monsters, is like an emo version of Withered Hand.

One man and his (very acoustic) guitar, provides some funny lyrics and furious guitar strumming.

So much so, he even burst a sting on his banjo during ‘Hunting for Energy’, a song about being hungover during the World Cup and not being able to eat anything.

I wonder if this lack of appetite will apply to the drunken hecklers tomorrow morning that Wood dealt with very well.

Wood’s slight lisp that pokes through in his vocal provides a delicate tone, which is really sweet and his shyness and at times awkwardness on stage is likeable.

He’s not that shy though, even managing a smirk when one of those hagglers dropped his full pint – karma is a bitch huh.

The folky Sea Kings with lead singer Brian Canning’s gruff Glaswegian drawl, please their audience with a catchy chorus and some pleasant guitar rifts.

The addition of a mandolin bulks out their melodic, slightly chaotic tunes, as they jam away on stage providing some foot-tapping worthy tunes.

Closing the night are Brown Bear and the Bandits, a three piece from Largs with great hair and some of the nicest smiles in music.

Combining folk guitar, lots of energy and some serious hand-clapping; much to the delight of their adoring crowd.

Despite struggling to make out a word of what lead singer Matt Hickman is saying, the performance is a thoroughly enjoyable and boisterous affair.

They keep things fresh and exciting with the punky sounds of ‘Dirty Sanchez’, to the more acoustic ‘Olive Tree’ and soulful ‘Sail Away’; and managed to rustle the crowd up into a bit of a frenzy during ‘The Celtic Jam’, despite not uttering a single lyric.

The track of the night has to go to ‘Truth or Dare’, which the excitable crowd go absolutely daft for.

Brown Bear and the Bandits look like they are having so much fun, which not only is lovely to watch but is highly infectious.

Words: Erica Lennie
Photos: Neil Jarvie

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