Live review: Summer Nights 2012 Featuring Galleries, Aames, Midnight Lion with secret guest Fatherson at Tut’s, 19/7/12

Thank goodness for Midnight Lion, who draw in an undeservedly modest, yet electric crowd and save tonight’s Summer Nights slot.


Sounding really tight with Stewart Brock’s pitch perfect vocals, and with an impressive electronics display, they absolutely kill it on tracks ‘St Christopher’ and ‘I Will Be King’.

The only criticism would be that they should have saved the anthemic crowd-pleaser ‘Sleeping In The Woods’ for the finale.

This atmosphere transpires downstairs for the secret act of the night in the form of the mighty Fatherson, who showcase some of their new tracks to the heaving, sweaty crowd that had crammed into the bar.

They sound almost immaculate and are proof that you don’t need a stage slot to draw in some of the most excitable crowds.

Bloc Party esque Galleries, with David McAdam’s ghostly howl and impressive vocal range, also featured on tonights bill.

Despite not packing quite the same punch as The Lion boys, they have some catchy rifts and nice synthy-bits that provide enough atmosphere to get the crowd going.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said for Aames, who came across as a U2 tribute band.

Lead singer Ed Crockett’s wide stance and raised arms are slightly off putting and rather than coming across as emotive, feels quite contrived and cheesy.

However, when Crockett stops flailing about and the band movedon to some of their rockier-sounding tracks; not only were they visually tighter, but Crocket concentrates on his vocal and sounded much better too.

Words: Erica Lennie


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