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GoldMold presents Lovers Turn to Monsters, Sawlung (split EP launch) at Bloc, 13/3/17

Four-piece Sawlung seem to have an intricate understanding of the basis of emo music garnered the hard way. Their complicated music is heavily relatable and exceptionally gripping, with unapologetically raw vocals from Wull Swales. Kenni Campbell plays the guitar vivaciously and veraciously with the intensity and passion that make him one of my favourite guitarists in Glasgow; … Continue Reading ››

Lovers Turn To Monsters – Hard To Be Around

It is rather unusual these days to listen to unpredictable music, one would have to go deep into the experimental section of a vinyl store to get drowned into unfamiliar sounds. It is even more interesting when this idea of experimenting is soaked into a common genre like indie or alternative music, transforming the compositions and … Continue Reading ››

Round-Up: Errors, BBC at the Quay, Ariana Grande, Lovers Turn To Monsters

So, in a bit of a trip from the usual review filled generalities I decided I would put up a bit of round up post Primavera of my musical adventures, of which there have been a few, all coming in a ridiculous haze that hasn’t faded two weeks later (me and Nick are going to … Continue Reading ››

Album of 2014

Andrew Person & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss17 Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn To Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common] A combination of two endearing singer-songwriters, brought together under the umbrella of Common Records in the dismal Glaswegian rain, resulting in an equally … Continue Reading ››

Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn to Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common]

When Andrew Pearson meets Kyle Wood (Lovers Turn to Monsters) the sparkles generated turn music into an uplifting entity, soothing any kind of pain and undeniably provoking heartrending reminiscence of things past and making you wonder what will happen next. These are the kind of collaborations that expose why music sometimes can be considered as more … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Summer Nights 2012 featuring Aaron Wright, Lovers Turn to Monsters, The Sea Kings, Brown Bear and the Bandits at Tut’s, 18/7/12

The wonderfully bluesy Aaron Wright and his band are a pretty suave looking bunch. The 23 year old from Edinburgh sounds like he has been performing well beyond years and begins with the whimsical 'Trampoline', setting the standard pretty high for … Continue Reading ››