Today’s news featuring The Twilight Sad, Cry Parrot and more

A massive show on December 15 as The Twilight Sad will take the stage at the Barrowlands in surely their biggest hometown show yet.


New Aerials Up are back from Canada and their new single ‘The Old and the Innocent’ comes out on Kittiwake Records today.

Cry Parrot’s 5th birthday is on the horizon, and there’s a hell of a party in-store, it features acclaimed ‘three deck wizard’ Auntie Flo, the ever brilliant French Glasgow based Blue Sabbath Black Fiji team up with London noise-mongers Gum Takes Tooth to bring something a bit special, the joy filled sound of London/Glasgow duo Sacred Paws, a live set from one of Glasgow’s most ambitious dance projects Dam Mantle, the illusive and mysterious Silk Cut and the groovy garage rock of The Rosy Crucifixion at The Glue Factory on April 27, 9pm, £5.

The Dirty Demographic, Dirty Keys, Andy Lucas and Siobhan Wilson play The Art School on May 3.

Finding Albert play The Art School on April 19, 9pm.

Winning Sperm Party presents Nope!, Scratchcard Lung, The Downs, Guns or Knives at The Pandora, 349 Victoria Road, on Saturday, 8pm, £4 and Clara Clara, Ben Butler & Mousepad, House of John Player, World Peace at The Kind Man, 657 Pollokshaws Road , on April 16, 7.30pm, £4.

Any Color Black launch their forthcoming album, Sex & Love, at the Captains Rest on Saturday.

Bedfored Records release the forthcoming EP, The Rightness of Blindness, from Aberdeen indie pop act Marionettes on April 9, the band follow this with Scottish tour featuring a show at Pivo Pivo on April 14.

Louise Quinn & her band, A Band Called Quinn, revive wonky cabaret night Club Tromolo to launch an EP featuring a duet with French DJ and producer Kid Loco, remix by Scottish jazz indie legend Bill Wells and a short film by Uisdean Murray at The Old Hairdressers, June 22, 7pm.

Ted Milton of the excellent Blurt and laptop-musician Sam Britton perform their latest project ODES, with splendid local talent from Hidden Masters and Galoshins at Sleazy’s on April 14, 8pm, £5 now £7 on the door.

Edinburgh’s Homework release ‘Thoughts’ today, the first single from their forthcoming full-length debut:

Mickey 9s have released new single ‘Mickey 999’ to follow up on the success of last EP, A Thing to Try and Dance to, the single includes B-side “Aw Naw! (Annoni’s Oan Anaw Noo)”, and there’s a video which is set at the upcoming “Glasgow Olympics”, a follow up to their last video:


Flowers In The Dustbin present the next Seditionaries on Saturday at the 13th Note featuring Queen Jane, Great Cop, It Girl and Julian the Apostate, 8pm.

Hector Bizerk play the Captains Rest on April 20.

New Life presents six-piece post rockers Without Aeroplanes, no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll act Chris Devotion & The Expectations and psychedelic inspired trio Room 39 at The Art School, April 27, 9pm, £3.

Associates of Skelator present Hunt / Gather, Fat Janitor, Salo and Hush at the Captains Rest, April 24, 8pm, £4.

Croc presents a very special yet slightly confusing event at the Kinning Park Complex on April 14, regardless it sound like it’s going to be mental like most Croc events, it’s a combination of a early evening roller disco and Croc-a-oke, with Total Jerks and Undulating Gland the roller skating entertainment (skates provided) and the empty orchestra karaoke later on with guests Joyce D’vision, Fem Bitch Nation, Yoke of Blood, Two Cute and backing band Pulse along with special guests, 5pm, £5.

La Rocha and The Berkeley Suite bring you the final instalment to a long weekend celebrating the approach of summer featuring Casper C, ISAN and Organs of Love, Sunday, 9pm, £7.

The first Glasgow appearance for Dundee’s Fat Goth features Evol and Young Philadelphia is at Bloc on Thursday, 9pm, free.

Monoganon unleash some old and new material, with support from Smack Wizards and Special Hits at the CCA on April 13, 8pm, £4.

Flowers In The Dustbin presents The Three Penny Opera featuring Mummy Short Arms, Captain Majestic, Alan Smithee and Miss Lucid at The Bay on April 20, 8pm.

Glasgow-based four-piece Thula Borah have now launched new EP, Live Secretly, coming two years after the release debut album Mind River Matter, the band play Stairway on April 5 and the Classic Grand on June 23:

Tellison play the Captains Rest on May 6 with support from Bots and Great Cop.

Magic Eye are set to release their debut  EP Shreddin’ On Heaven’s Floor on New York’s Animal Image Search on April 1:

Electropapknit presents Brighton rhythmical, mathy rock trio Fat Bitch, dirty sounds and dirty pants courtesy of Battery Face and London three-piece Shudder Pulps at Sleazy’s on April 10, 8pm, £4.


The Big Nowhere – ‘Junk Band’ and ‘No-one Here But Ghosts’:



The New Fabian Society – ‘Lost In Berlin’:



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