Record review: Queen Jane – Denver

Two sides are shown on Denver, at times there’s gentle and elegant, at others rough and ready – yet on the whole they’re tied together by tones, and guided by a distinctive voice.


Opener ‘Those Summers’ combines dreamy sounds and gorgeous tones with a kooky sense of humour, the melodies falling over themselves clumsily; it’s loose, relaxed and laid back.

On ‘All Together When We’, the instruction set remains the same, except this time there’s more flashes of the reverb and delay than before, a greater ambition that is held back by the gruff vocals, contrasting the collective more so than before.

‘You’re A Runner’ changes things up a little, showing us another side to Queen Jane.

Here, the gruff vocals become a world worn voice – gang vocals, and newly distorted guitars provide ample backup to create this new sound.

These two worlds are melded like never before on eponymous track ‘Denver’.

The concoction of beautiful tones tickling rock arrangements is neither one side nor the other, it’s an amalgamation of the best that Queen Jane have to offer.

Words: Matthew Slater


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