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Strange Behaviours at Tolbooth, Stirling, 21/11/15

Prior to tonight I’d never been to a show in Stirling, my current location being the main reason, still despite a host a of strong line ups in Glasgow this year’s Saturday line-up for Strange Behaviours has me intrigued, with names acts like OUTBLINKER, Happy Meals and CARBS all impressing recently. The initial line-up did also … Continue Reading ››

The Winter Tradition – ‘All Back Home’

It is no surprise Edinburgh based The Winter Tradition’s first release from their much-anticipated new album Lumi is lead track ‘All Back Home’. As the intro begins, the hypnotising synths teamed with soft lyrics produce an ethereal beginning that has ones ears practically pricking up within seconds. This delicate start is short-lived as the composition crescendos into … Continue Reading ››

The Winter Tradition – Lumi

Three years on from debut album, Gradient, comes the eagerly anticipated second release from The Winter Tradition, the ten track strong ‘Lumi’. ‘All Back Home’ opens the record with its echoing vocal harmonies, stylish guitars and anthemic choruses combining beautifully to present a strikingly positive and wonderfully epic introduction; a track impressive to the point you … Continue Reading ››

Record review: The Winter Tradition – ‘Departures’

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE5oTiW-5j0&w=560&h=315] Crystallised pop Scottish quartet The Winter Tradition come out of the cold with ‘Departures’ like a new flower peaks out during the first rays of Spring. Almost two years after releasing debut album Gradients, the band, who is deeply rooted in Edinburgh, reappear after having hibernating (and touring) during those cold months up north. The result … Continue Reading ››