The Winter Tradition – ‘All Back Home’

It is no surprise Edinburgh based The Winter Tradition’s first release from their much-anticipated new album Lumi is lead track ‘All Back Home’.

As the intro begins, the hypnotising synths teamed with soft lyrics produce an ethereal beginning that has ones ears practically pricking up within seconds.


This delicate start is short-lived as the composition crescendos into a strong cocktail of rhythmic guitars and intoxicating lyrics, that lifts the tempo into a clear-cut alt indie rock song.

The particularly strong chorus is stirring and produces instantly memorable vocal melodies, which will entice many an audience to sing-along.

The single is the epitome of what a lead track on an indie rock album should be: loud, polished and upbeat – leaving those listening ravenous for more.

‘All Back Home’ is the compass for the journey that the band is seemingly trying to take the listener on with Lumi.

The band repeatedly promises in the tracks lyrics to “guide us all back home; however, what is most evident is that the band is sure to guide music fans straight to them with this solid effort.

Words: Katharine Gemmell


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