Record review: The Winter Tradition – ‘Departures’


Crystallised pop Scottish quartet The Winter Tradition come out of the cold with ‘Departures’ like a new flower peaks out during the first rays of Spring.


Almost two years after releasing debut album Gradients, the band, who is deeply rooted in Edinburgh, reappear after having hibernating (and touring) during those cold months up north.

The result is a fundamentally heavy, intense and poppy track that mixes perfectly loud guitars and moments of tenderness through different effects incorporated to the vocals that transform the song into a very attractive sensation.

The cold feeling from the sugarcoated introduction brought by the all the strings ignites the heavy dynamite-like ending that propels the drums to the foreground leaving the vocals to fade away into the hot mist that this track creates over its last two minutes.

‘Departures’ seems to expose a louder path for the band that should be followed thoroughly, but also leaves anyone’s ears greedy for more.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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