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Kick to Kill – ‘Dreams’ [Flowers in the Dustbin]

Despite the metal-band name, Kick to Kill are as far from the genre as you can get, with new single ‘Dreams’ offering up a slick synth-laden indie track with a slow, pulsing disco beat and plenty of wet, chorus and reverb-drenched guitars, reminiscent of new romantic revivalists like The Bravery that popped up in the … Continue Reading ››

Record review: Kick To Kill – ‘Black Kisses’ [Flowers In the Dustbin]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OUgXG02GgE&w=376&h=221] A taste of the psychedelic Orient awaits you in the form of ‘Black Kisses’ by Kick To Kill, Egyptian modes, bells lacking polish and gorgeous distorted… everything! ‘Black Kisses’ is the amalgamation of all these elements combined with muttered, misheard vocals. Searing, soaring melodies throw their colourful paint all over the canvas, the result is a … Continue Reading ››