wecamefromwolves, Alburn, GoodCopGreatCop, Bright Side at Tut’s, 30/8/14

After a highly successful 2014 playing multiple shows and festivals around the UK (including T in The Park and Wickerman) as well playing dates in both France and Germany, wecamefromwolves return to Scotland to conclude the summer with a headline a sold out show at Tut’s.

Melodic hardcore punk band Bright Side kick off the night and despite being first to take the stage they don’t hold back, shaking the room awake with the sound of loud drums and passionate vocals.


Bright Side are the heaviest band of the evening, so I was unsure how they would be perceived by tonight’s audience, but they seem to get a positive reaction and captivate the crowd.

The atmosphere is incredible, this could be down to the fact it is a Saturday night in one of Glasgow’s most famous venues, however there is something else much more extraordinary going on that is keeping the crowd gripped no matter what the genre.

Second on are Perth’s GoodCopGreatCop, a lively band with great stage presence and a very vocal fan-base; highlight ‘Stuck Amongst the Details’ was met by the sound of chanting and finishes the same way with fans still singing even after the band have left the stage.

The band share good repartee with their audience, managed to get the whole crowd moving and leave them eager for more, a hard act to follow.

Nevertheless fellow Perth band Alburn manage to exceed exceptions, beginning their set with slightly slower songs, which acts as a pleasant interlude to recover from the previous faster paced sets.

Alburn showcase themselves extraordinarily tonight, demonstrating all they have to offer and treating the crowd to stunning vocals, beautifully picked guitars, poignant lyrics with lots of passion.

Towards the end of their set they begin to pick up the pace, grabbing the crowd’s attention and driving their energy levels back up ready for the final band to take the stage.

Headliners wecamefromwolves are welcomed by an already incredibly excited and eager audience, ready to blow them away by filling the room with their intense sound.

Energetic crowd-pleaser ‘Stallions, Foals, Foxes, Crows’ is a superb opening choice and gets the crowd moving straight away, while second song ‘An Eagle for a Fish’ is greeted by the sound of chanting, giving a sense of unity in the packed out venue.

From the moment the band take the stage they manage to connect with the crowd and have them jumping, clapping and singing-along with every song, it’s clear that wecamefromwolves have managed to build a very loyal fan-base, especially since a large amount of the crowd were willing to travel from Perth to support the band at their headline show.

The band bring their set to its conclusion with personal favourite ‘A Bastard Son, a Brother to None’ giving the crowd as well as the band a fitting ending to an electric setlist, however the restless crowd are not yet completely satisfied and flood the room with chants for “one more tune”.

The band are more than happy to oblige, bursting back onto the stage to play ‘For All Our Sins, We’re Golden’ an older song from their first EP Cope, a fantastic way to end a terrific evening of live music.

Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Bill Gray


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