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Deathcats – All Hail Deathcats [Fuzzkill]

Deathcats follow-up to the uber hip cassette releases of early summer sounds The Raddest and heavier garage driven split tape with Manchester’s Fruit Tones with their own full-length album All Hail Deathcats. With the recognisable summer swing sound that Deathcats have always oozed, All Hail Deathcats has a strong focus on catchy, upbeat, driven and effected … Continue Reading ››

Deathcats/Shithawks – Shit Death [Fuzzkill]

With a super-imaginative name for their split tape release, Deathcats and Shithawks’ Shit Death highlights some of the best raw, loud music Scotland has to offer. Each band offer two tracks, with Deathcats on side one and Shithawks on side two. Deathcats’ ‘Danny Dyer’ begins the release with a thunderous riff before a change of tempo turns … Continue Reading ››

Deathcats, Shithawks, Kill Surrrf, SHARPTOOTH at The Old Hairdressers, 8/5/14

Another solid Fuzzkill curated lined-up sparked the first of two exciting split tape releases, this one for Deathcats and Shithawks, Shit Death. Glasgow all female four-piece SHARPTOOTH start proceedings with a set that lingers in haunting dark beauty before throwing out some attention grabbing harsh moment that all add up to an addictive opening. It’s a confident … Continue Reading ››

Deathcats & Fruit Tones – Thplit Tape [Fuzzkill]

This latest release from Fuzzkill Records is an extremely rewarding listen. It's a split tape with many layers: carving an obscure niche somewhere between 1950s dancehall rock n' roll and the laid-back surf pop of 1960s California. Both artists have recorded high-energy performances rooted in these early genres, that only occasionally allow for more recent influences to … Continue Reading ››

Live review: New Year’s Revolution with Deathcats, Kill Surrrf, Secret Motorbikes, GARDEN OF ELKS at Tut’s, 13/1/14

1458566_590358731019443_1732808167_nIt’s a New Year – everyone’s in good spirits for a while but then there’s the realisation that you’re skint and there’s a whole lack of live entertainment in January until Celtic Connections kicks off. That’s not necessarily true as King Tut’s remedy the dead season with … Continue Reading ››

Rave Child Top 20 tracks of 2013

top 20

2013 has been the first full year that Rave Child has been running content on a regular basis so it’s only fitting that we a run a best of 2013.

Now, I appreciate I can’t listen to everything, the fact that a new … Continue Reading ››