Deathcats – All Hail Deathcats [Fuzzkill]

Deathcats follow-up to the uber hip cassette releases of early summer sounds The Raddest and heavier garage driven split tape with Manchester’s Fruit Tones with their own full-length album All Hail Deathcats.

With the recognisable summer swing sound that Deathcats have always oozed, All Hail Deathcats has a strong focus on catchy, upbeat, driven and effected songs that bounce happily along with the enormous fuzzed out surf genre that has taken over the Glasgow music scene.

‘Solid’ opens the album with scratchy metallic guitars that are engulfed into a warm rounded tune, with a striding guitar rhythm that would make the jive apparent in anyone’s hips.

‘DREAMZ’, ‘Jaguar’, ‘Melted’ and the brilliantly titled ‘Saturday Night Golden Retriever’ comply with the more poppy vibe that Deathcats have put at the beginning of the album, with slight shoegaze tendencies accompanied by amusing vocal snippets and noisy distorted vocals.

The band clearly takes great influence from West Coast lo-fi surf pop and on a darker side a heavier, rhythmic pounding style.

All Hail Deathcats changes rapidly from summer bliss to heavier jam trips as soon as ‘Danny Dyer’ begins, which squeals straight into ‘Danny DeNeato’ in full feedback, howling glory.

‘Dissertation’ and ‘Comin Up’ are stand outs on the album for the very Thee Oh Sees style roaring chorus to experimental breakdown with the heavily delayed shouted vocals on ‘Dissertation’ and the fast, over in a flash animalistic vibe of ‘Comin Up’, which is something you don’t always hear this far away from San Francisco.

‘TROLL TROLL’ provides the slowed down, slightly more chill prog drone to end the album, proving Deathcats as versatile and an influenced band that can put their own spin on even a Black Sabbath style song.

A good album from the leaders of the Glasgow surf scene, they really do know how to write a catchy song.

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Words: Grace Grigson

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