Record review: Deathcats – The Raddest [Fuzzkill]

DeathcatsCalifornia surf punk has hit the shores of Scotland to inspire Glasgow based Deathcats, as they shred that wave like pros.

Deathcats released their debut EP, Shred or Dead, in October 2012; over a year later, they are back with new material in the form of The Raddest, and it lives up to it’s titles to expectations.


Opening track, ‘I Wish It Was Summer’ eliminates winter blues, pushing them aside for memories of a jovial summer basking in sunshine, jangly chord progressions are the sonic representation of the pace and excitement of summer, of wild antics and long nights.

Although the track is brief, it is effective in distilling a longing for summer sun in the heart of the listener.

The level of energy hits its peak on standout ‘Surfing in My Head’, the velocity of the drums is merciless giving the track ferocity biting at the ears of the listener.

The track is lyrically simplistic, making it an effect “how do I move on” track.

‘Surfing in My Head’ has a mature sound with smooth guitar work and hooky “oohs”, it is the track you wish you could sing to someone, which would sum up all feelings of bewilderment.

‘Cowabunga Beach Party’  has a strong surfer vibe, with slick guitar effects giving it a unique sound, scarcely used by Glasgow bands, and descends into a sonic beach party, with beefy riffs and laugher in an instrumental outro.

Words: Kimi Inglis


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