Kill The Waves, AmatrArt, Static Future, Woodwife at Tut’s, 8/1/15

On this wet and windy evening the second King Tut’s New Years Revolution gig is a haven from the elements outside; first up are gypsy steampunk folksters Woodwife with crystal clear vocals and the coolest looking bass in Glasgow.

They slowly ease through their set, of which highlights were ‘Walking Song’ and ‘Dreaming’, which has pitch perfect harmonies


Static Future, who are playing their first gig in six months, play some cheerful numbers that in places show signs of a Big Country influence, playing songs from their second EP, Assembly.

AmatrArt fly through their set making sure the crowd are well and truly warmed up; although the vocals are a bit over powered by the guitars and bass at times the frenetic set passes by so quickly we barely get chance to notice, leaving the packed Tut’s baying for more

Headliners, Kill The Waves slow things down with their intro before playing ‘Oak Tree’; ‘Mega Riff’, which we are warned may go wrong, lasts a while, I was clean shaved at the beginning but by the end a full beard had grown in.

Still, their prog dance music goes down a storm as we get the last song ‘Imprint’, this illusionary short set is at times a bit self indulgent, but that’s why anyone loves prog music.

I steady myself for the walk to the car in the stormy evening, but this is nothing compared by the storm being stirred up by AmatrArt.

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Words/Photos: Bill Gray


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