The Spook School – ‘Body’ [Alcopop]

The Spook School is a fun/lively Glasgow indie/punk band who sing of gender identity, sexuality and mental health in a positive an optimistic manner.

‘Body’ is the latest track from their third album, Could It Be Different?, and continues their theme of discussing important issues and finding positivity in the face of adversity.


This time the subject is body dysphoria and body acceptance – an issue that most people can relate to.

Vocalist Nye Todd said of how the track’s lyrics originated: “With ‘Body’ specifically, I wrote it from a kind of positive place, in that I’d been exercising lots and was proud of what I’d achieved and how much more capable I felt in my own body, but I was also aware of how much shame, dysphoria and internalised transphobia that I still felt towards myself. I got to wondering if everyone felt that to a certain extent, and that’s where the song lyrics kind of came from.”

The message is positive and a lesson for us all – no matter how we feel we look, love what your body can do.

All delivered with jangly guitars, lively rhythms and fun harmonies, they sound assured and confident.

2018 will be a good year for The Spook School.

Words: Derek McCutcheon


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