Inkfields – Beneath The Waves

Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter Sam James-Griffiths, aka Inkfields, has released a melodic and tranquil album in Beneath The Waves, which reflects the journey Griffiths has taken over the past few years; in 2015 he decided to quit his employment to focus on becoming a full-time artist however this process was not short of difficulties.

That said, Griffiths has succeeded in producing an album that mirrors his personal experience in a unique and striking way.


Opening track, ‘The Last Ebb’ experiments with different layers and volumes of synth and drums, creating a hypnotic and spacious start to the album.

Many other tracks follow this structure, such as ‘Gate In The Blue’ and ‘Garden of Delusion’, however they include personal and expressive lyrics, complimenting the dream-like quality of the tracks.

It is easy to notice the experimentation in genre that is included throughout the album as some tracks develop a rock-based sound (‘Snare Yourself’, ‘Dream Catcher’) and others present a more pop/disco-influenced sound ( ‘Nights Like These’, ‘Black Sails’).

This range shows Griffiths’ ability to produce an eclectic album, which does not confine itself to one genre but instead ensures the album remains fresh and exciting.

The lyrical content of the album tells the story of the singer’s personal experience of becoming a committed artist, however the lyrics remain abstract and subtle, a perfect compliment to the strength of the musical content of the album.

Beneath The Waves includes a great variety of strong and emotionally powerful tracks, which will deserve to receive a great deal of well-deserved praise from a wide audience.

Words: Orla Brady


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