Pronto Mama, Fiskur at Tut’s, 21/12/17

Fiskur opens the night preparing the way for the magnificent Pronto Mama and gets the crowd ready and psyched.


Although he was only one man (former Three Blind Wolves frontman Ross Clark), he does a remarkable job performing to backing tracks whilst playing guitar to give a full band sound.

His performance and stage presence are both great boasting an energetic set as he charms the audience showcasing some really elegant songwriting.

When Pronto Mama take the stage the entire crowd goes wild.

The band kick off with the incredible ‘Bottom Feeder’, to which the crowd sings every word back to them triumphantly.

The energy and enthusiasm and pride amongst the band projects in waves to the sold-out venue; this energy and enthusiasm is mirrored by the crowd as they became intertwine with the band in every line.

Pronto Mama, who play for over an hour and 15 minutes, play through their album, Any Joy, in its entirety.

The incredible energy ‘Arabesque’ has the crowd moving and dancing along, jumping up and down in sync with the band on stage who look and sound like they were having the time of their lives.

The songs are incredible masterpieces showing off exquisite songwriting keeping the audience enthralled from the first note to the end, with dynamic changes throughout the songs and throughout the entirety of the set.

Half way through they perform the incredible ‘Sentiment’, a stunning acapella number; the atmosphere in the building was incredible as a solemn calmness falls over King Tut’s, so still that you could heard a pin drop.

A mist fills the venue accompanying the sensational vocal and harmony work being displayed on stage; every time this song is performed it creates a spine chilling moment that will always be remembered.

As soon as this song is over, they are straight back into their vivacious set

Pronto Mama maintain the energy from start to end and holding the audience in the palm of their hands the entire way through.

In their encore they indulge the audience with some new songs, teasing a new album coming out in the future, before bowing out on ‘Still Swimming’ from their earlier EPs.

Throughout the set, the response from the crowd is incredible; the atmosphere, the songs, the band, the audience were unimaginable.

The passion that these boys have for their music is clear from the way they portray themselves on stage.

We can only expect bigger better things from these boys in the New Year and hopefully some new music too.

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Words: Shannon Cullen
Photos: Brendan Waters


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