Freakender presents Tracy Bryant at Sleazy’s, 17/12/17

Tracy Bryant is a Los Angeles based musician primarily known as the frontman and founder of the post-punk band Corners, which doesn’t exist anymore as Bryant decided to pursue a career as a solo artist in early 2016.

Tonight is the first time the ex-Corners frontman is playing Glasgow and anyone who keeps an eye on the prominent Burger Records label must be well excited to see him.


Bryant starts off with a couple of songs from his previous album Subterranean, released in 2016.

The band looks pretty casual, no show elements or fancy clothes, just a very calm delivery of their pop like but at the same time hauntingly psychedelic melodies.

The iconic whistling of ‘Forever Certain‘ gives the audience a chance to hear some tracks from the band‘s most recent album A Place for Nothing and Everything in Its Place.

It is obvious that the sound has changed quite a bit in the follow up album and the genre now more resembles something in the lines of electric rock, however the instrumentals like ‘White Meat‘ still have that haunting feeling that was present in Subterranean.

Bryant plays seven out of the nine songs from their newest album, including probably the only Corners track that still can be heard played live today, ‘The Grave‘.

And then the time has come for undeniably the most well-known track Bryant‘s solo career has produced so far – ‘Subterranean‘.

The track lives up to its hype as it‘s just like a sudden explosion of energy and definitely the culmination of the night.

Powerful yet catchy guitar riffs get everyone moving and ‘I‘m Not There‘ follows up nicely, not slowing down, but instead leaving everyone satisfied with such a dynamic end of the show.

Bryant is a skillful guitar player and songwriter, but one can only wish that there was some upbeat gems like ‘Subterranean‘ in his newer album, as there is a feeling that the crowd engages more with tracks that have that sweet psychedelic feel to them.

However, the new all-star band line up consisting of Nick Murray (Thee Oh Sees), Brian Allen (Burnt Ones) and Miles Luttrel (Useless Eaters) might do Bryant some good and push him into the direction which will bring him great creative success.

Words: Goda Bujaviciute


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