Dante – ‘Rose’ [Stitch]

After four years of hibernation Dante is emerging into a new season full of the blossoms of spring, with their new single ‘Rose’ premiering off of their second album I Wear Your Weight With Mine.

The single is led in by a cheerful and playful mandolin melody that swings from note to note until every musician in the band drops in and drives you towards the first verse.


There is an incentive, or rather, a wanting for this song to be upbeat and echo the decades of traditions where a pop song must shadow its upbeat music by having lyrics that radiate happiness.

However, with ‘Rose’ there is a darker undertone that is pungent with the aroma of a new direction for the six piece, frontman Sean McLaughlin details: “It reflects a difficult time, but there’s genuine love and affection in there, – a desire to get past all the stressful but meaningless bullsh*t that well all go through on a daily basis and just focus on loving someone.”

McLaughlin’s words are reinforced when you take a listen to the weighty lyrics within the chorus: “when the room draws in, and the curtains close. Its like pulling petals of your rose and I know I should love you better than that.”

Behind the lyrics and music Dante have what can only be described as a ‘dream team’ fantasy, of pairing Andy Monaghan from Frightened Rabbit to produce and Howie Weinberg who worked on Nirvana’s Nevermind to master.

All we know is that the new album will be launched in 2018 with no release date confirmed.

So until then we must act in a patient manner and try and fathom what could be upon this in the New Year.

Words: Craig Carrington-Porter


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