Tomorrow Syndicate – ‘Into the Void/X for the Unknown’ [Polytechnic Youth]

In an opening that feels both old and fresh simultaneously, the warm-hearted and optimistically charged ‘Into the Void’ exudes a harkening back to The Jesus and Mary Chain.

While it bends hypnotically from a more positive hue across to a pentatonic swell driven by a synth strings motif, it has an age to it, a kind of nostalgia as if the song came from a different era but made with modern hands.


The real charm of this record comes from its ability to give a sense of autosuggestion while staying incredibly simple.

Small nuances in the simplistic drum pattern and the unpretentious guitar pattern allow for something special to come forward, to let the synths and vocals provide the necessary textures in this tapestry, all leading to a special to the middle eight which shifts the tone dramatically, while all resolving back into a satisfying coda that brings the listener full circle.

A fine example of less-is-more in a time of over production and hyper-compressed musical content, this is a breath of fresh air that has a sensitivity that suggests great things are to come from whatever void Tomorrow Syndicate have escaped from.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a spoken word sample sit so well in the opening of a track without reliance on the cheap trick of overladen delays or other effects, but it’s there on b-side ‘X for the Unknown’, there is a real confidence in this which carried forward into the rest of the track.

This band have a real kraut-rock flavour to them which permeates ‘X for the Unknown’, resting on a bed of an almost inaudible but very much present bassline, this condensed and claustrophobic track from Tomorrow Syndicate grinds into life via a tastefully used speech sample, punctuated with a grime that only a resonant synth can bring.

Although initially jarring in its first appearance, its harsh tone is soon superseded by a guitar shred that is compressed in rhythm by the kick drum to add to the psychedelic drive that’ll take the listener along for the rest of the journey.

The importance of each element of ‘X for the Unknown’ is perfectly balanced, with no vying for the limelight from any part.

Guitars push and pull from yell to whisper, while the synths and vocals provide melodic roots for everything else to hang from.

This is a late-night mission anthem for those occasions where audio support is a must when you’re hellbent on taking on the world.

Words: Krist McKenna (Ratworks)


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  1. I was given the heads-up on Tomorrow Syndicate a few weeks ago by a good friend, and I’m glad I took him up on the offer to go see them play live. For me it was a full-blown attack on my senses, a wonderful experience. In total 100% agreement with your review,and expect great things to come from this band.

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