Rhona MacFarlane – The Tide

An already accomplished violinist, playing in the National Youth Orchestra for Scotland, and taking her solo career as a singer songwriter to many well-known venues and events such as Celtic Connections, The Tide is the new EP release from Rhona MacFarlane.

‘Golden Leaves’ glitters like the autumn rising sun, the melodies sweep like a soft breeze, raising the hairs on the back of your neck.


Softly floating “like a boat on silent water” you are transported away from whatever grey mundane existence you find yourself in, to a world of beautiful beats and scintillating vocals.

‘Brother’ is similarly enchanting but much more definitive, communicating life lessons and wise words; the force of the message is filled out by accompanying strings that deliver atmospheric electricity, transmitting resonance that envelops your imagination.

It’s a heartfelt exposition of shared experience and guiding principles.

‘The Tide’, both the plugged and unplugged versions, round off the EP with a slight air of grandeur, encapsulated by tribal like beats, MacFarlane’s vocals are spellbinding.

In the acoustic version, her vocal ability is exposed: in its bareness, the track takes on a new vulnerability with a greater edge of sadness than its predecessor.

The vibrato in the vocals conveys a sense of expertise and worldliness, rounding off this four-track release.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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