Sun Rose – ‘Smirk’ [Last Night From Glasgow]

‘Smirk’, the debut single from Sun Rose is a rejuvenation of 80s synth with a nice Glaswegian twist.

The band originally put together their first album in the winter of 2013-2014 but the project was put on hold until 2015 and after much work and refining, the final version was completed in 2016 – the full album is set to release on November 17 of this year.


The track is so characteristic of 80s electronic synth its like a flashback, a friendly nostalgia that brings on inadvertent toe tapping and head nodding; it’s difficult to stay still when you hear this one play.

A typical hi-hat feature played in syncopation paves the way for a guitar feature that resembles something more akin to indie.

At the interchange of two well-defined genres is where you will find ‘Smirk’, the track is ominous at first, before becoming playful with the ‘tick tock’ of a cowbell.

There are many more surprises like this to behold; at first it appears deceivingly simple, but in fact offers a much more interesting and complex weave of musicality.

The four-piece aspire to extend their performances to play at more festivals and in a recent interview declared that they wouldn’t mind having a cult following. ‘Smirk’ is a spectacle to behold, don’t miss out.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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