Polarnecks/Grand Pricks – Polarpricks [GoldMold]

Split records seem to have sadly become a thing of the past, but when one does come along, it is a welcome throwback to a time when bands seemed to share a sense of community and it felt as though they actually got on.

With this in mind, the collaboration from two excellent Glasgow trios, Polarnecks and Grand Pricks makes for excellent listening.


We’ll start with Grand Pricks (as this is the side of the vinyl that ended up on top as I flipped it), their first offering ‘En Flique’ opens slowly with guitar and heartfelt lyrics tinged with reverb before being joined by driving bass and drums.

This track seems to always be building and by the time we reach a musical interlude before singer Liam launches back in with the lyrics “you don’t need another follower” the toe-tapping will have been replaced by jumping around wanting more.

On their second track ‘Don’t Vote’, Grand Pricks deliver what they promised at the end track one; this is two-and-a-half-minutes of raucous anti-establishment punk which manages to deliver both the simple hook and feel of 80s skater punk, coupled with eloquent, carefully considered lyrics; “maybe you won’t get what you want in May,” which seem to capture current political attitudes of disdain and apathy.

The first side of this split left me excited for what was coming as I turned it over and Polarnecks do not disappoint.

Their first track ‘Pretty’ charges forward with thumping drums and catchy hooks, which mask the somewhat melancholy lyrics.

This is a very well constructed track that has elements of garage surfer rock, but with a darker undertone.

This is a song full of swaggering music, coupled with self-deprecating lyrics, something that a lot of people will be able to identify with.

Second and final track ‘Dogs’ carries on this frenetic pace as it speeds along like a greyhound chasing a rabbit, full of twists and turns as you wonder what is going to come next as guitarist Lukas kicks his fender up and down the record.

As with both of the Polarnecks contributions to this record, the musicality and passion is very apparent.

The biggest compliment I can pay the two bands on this split is that I found it impossible to pick a side, as both bands have a clear, defined style but still manage to create one record which is very difficult to put down, mostly because you will be constantly flipping it over trying to decide which side deserves to go first.

Words: Steven Aitken


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