Honey and the Herbs – Gloaming [Employment]

Honey and the Herbs’ new album provides a ‘handmade’ sound that is not only self-produced, but will also be self released on their own Employment Records label.

Gloaming is a unique compilation; bursting with musical flair each track has its own sense of style.


‘Destiny’ is somewhere between a show tune and the Beach Boys, there’s class and soft melodies.

You think you’re headed back in time then ‘When He Is Borne’ comes on and you’re lifted into electronically modified vocals, it’s a little bit psychedelic a little bit surf, and ‘Yo Mama’ is certainly more surf.

Subtlety is the feature of ‘Waiting for my Baby’, smooth yet filled with minor chords and harmonies; the skill and musicianship on display is humbling, romantic and like a friendly face in the crowd.

Akin to this is ‘Moving a Box Around’, it’s heavy and the music aptly conveys a sense of dragging, of having to pick yourself up and keep moving on; again beautifully composed.

‘A Tank of Brine’ takes us further into the abyss; it’s a psychedelic mystery swirling through a black hole, but then as if waking, as if the sun has just came up on these dark feelings, ‘Croona Lumbago’ brings us back up with a Bossonova beat.

‘Distortion Brenda’ feels much the same, but gets a little in more lost in creative lyrics.

Besides the title, the ‘Nutfucker’ conjures images of playing a haunted house video game, while being part of a 50s vampire comedy, it’s the last journey before ‘Far Far Away’ chimes in with a soft flowing set of piano themes, but then the outro seals it: a big bow that ties in all the features from previous tracks and signals the end of our story.

Gloaming is a refreshing change, it brings back a lot of reliable music styles while introducing a new perspective.

The album is full of continual surprise, each a gem that wakes the imagination and provides the escapism many of us seek in music.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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