Brownbear at Stereo, 28/5/16

Tonight is the first time I’ve had the chance to see Brownbear’s Matt Hickman’s solo show, sadly missing the previous sold out one at The Hug and Pint earlier this year.

From the start Hickman showcases his musical skill and showmanship, leaving each member of the audience with a smile across their face.


Tonight is also the launch for the band’s newest single ‘Stop The World’, which alongside a number of other new tracks is met by grateful cheers from the audience – nice preparation for their forthcoming album.

Highlights of the set occur when Hickman swaps his guitar for a ukulele, which compliments his vocals nicely to create an overall charming sound, however I can’t help that feel tonight’s performance is missing some of its usual energy and gutsiness – not down to Hickman’s lack of trying, but because his fellow band members usually help add to these aspects.

Nevertheless Hickman’s show is still extremely enjoyable and gets me excited to here these new songs with their full kick.

Words: Jess Lavin


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