Edwin Organ – ‘Charlie’s House Cut’

‘Charlie’s House Cut’ is Edwin Organ’s super-fucking-catchy new single and it sort of sounds like something James Blake might release if he felt comfortable letting his audience know that he’s capable of silly dancing or experiencing happiness.

“This song is an ode to the unfulfilling night out – To paying £10 entry on a Wednesday night, only to find the dance floor empty. You take solace in that fact that you don’t have to queue to take a leak. You stand there in awkward silence with Darren whose all white shirt and whiter lines. This sweat box is his domain.”


So there you go.

In the first ten seconds it finds time to convulse erratically in several different directions (maybe like a questionable night out?), twinning slick-but-not-unbearably-polished production with an evidently hyper style of songwriting.

‘Charlie’s House Cut’ quickly finds itself a groove and bobs around excitedly in it, punching out a hallucinogenic synth line and sensual, bodily rhythms.

Variation seems to be the name of Edwin Organ’s game, and he plays it pretty damn well.

Words: Greg Murray


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