Laurence Made Me Cry – Titans’ Daughter [Stitch In Time]

Laurence Made Me Cry’s new EP, Titans’ Daughter, takes you on a journey to heartbreak, love and lust, through Glasgow bedrooms and Highland sanctuaries.

Opener, ‘By the Throat’ begins with the echo of sensual vocals before getting you hooked with a 90s inspired electronic beat and the familiar backing vocals of Chrissy Barnacle.


Lyrically Titans’ Daughter is simple and understated with every line cutting with a devastating effect.

“Distracted by the contours of your spine,” the first song is the perfect opener, recalling an intriguing moonlight encounter.

The lead track of the EP, ‘Melete’ has a more bitter and regretful tone (“practice makes perfect sense/put it all to together and start again”), while ‘Sirens’ is the first song to really show LMMC’s Celtic roots, with looped vocals blending with the heartfelt strains of a violin.

This is continued on ‘Mneme’, which is the only guitar driven piece on the release, taking you to a place where love was once new (“I still go back to the field where we met)”.

Titans’ Daughter is a release that packs a real emotional punch and with beautiful vocals and lush arrangements it is the perfect soundtrack to spring.

Words: Peter Johnstone


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