Tuff Love (album launch), Bossy Love at Stereo, 5/2/16

Tonight’s set is any Tuff Love enthusiast’s dream with the band playing through nearly everything they’ve ever released.

Most of this is featured on Resort, the band’s new release, a compilation of the three EPs; Junk, Dross and Dregs.



The show highlights all the best features of Tuff Love showcased on the compilation, with their weird, shifting harmonies, the crisp guitar lines and gear changes between woozy dream-pop and spiky grunge.

There’s a stark contrast between, on the one hand, Julie Eisenstein and Suze Bear’s inward and self-effacing stage personas, with their soft, intricate vocal harmonies and on the other, the tough, grungey sounds of the guitars, the monosyllabic song titles and the riot-grrrl influence.

Songs like ‘Slammer’ play on this the best, jolting in and out of its (ironically murmured) “I’ve got rage chorus.

While it’s Tuff Love’s night, there’s an acknowledgment that support act Bossy Love bring a kind of atmosphere that’s hard to follow, and so they take the closing slot.


Bossy Love takes a leftfield approach to R&B, skewing hip-hop beats with Amandah Wilkinson’s sweet, thin vocals and shouty chants.

Wilkinson, formerly of Australian noughties dance-punk Operator Please, holds an enormous presence on the stage.

She’s a complete performer, part-rapper, part-singer, part-dancer and whose facial expressions is as much a part of the performance as anything else.

Though an early curfew brings the party to an abrupt and frustrating halt, the two Loves have hosted an unmissable night.

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Words: Tony Boardman
Photos: Aimee Boyle


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