Breakfast MUFF – Rainbow Yawn [FUZZKILL]

This short seven track offering from Glasgow three-piece Breakfast MUFF is pretty charming, all in all and as far as opening lines go, “I like to tell you I love you every day/I like to tell Satan I love him every day” is pretty good, not to mention the Sonic Youth-aping guitar line.

Scrappily recorded, but brimming with energy, the personality of the band really shines throughout; there’s flashes of early career The Fall, particularly the restrained-then-explosive one-two of ‘Not Down to Fuck’ and ‘Horny People’, while closing tracks ‘Want 2 Want 2’ and ‘Your Guts’ show a softer side, closer to the likes of Honeyblood or more Americana-inflected acts.


In general the band seem to lean as much on British post-punk as they do on the fuzzy 90s influence from the other side of the Atlantic, and they’re all the better for it.

There’s always something a little cleverer than three-chord bluster going on, and more variety than most of their ilk would cover in an entire career.

Clocking in just a smidge over 12-minutes, the record never overstays its welcome, showcasing a bunch of ideas and packing up before you’re bored.

On top of it all, they sound like they’d be loads of fun live.

Words: David Scott


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