Independent Venue Week with The Xcerts at Broadcast, 30/1/16

The Xcerts return to Glasgow for another sold-out intimate show after the success of their performance at Sleazy’s just over a month ago.

The room is absolutely packed by the time (mostly) Aberdonian trio take the stage, jumping right in with crowd-pleaser ‘Live Like This’ from their most recently released album There Is Only You.


The first half of their set consists mostly of tracks from the album, including personal favourites ‘Kids on Drugs’ and ’Pop Song’, which I as well as the crowd take pleasure in chanting along too.

The connection The Xcerts have with their fans is second to none, but after spending 15 years as a band, it’s not a surprise their fans have become so attached to their music.

With the ability to write catchy songs that make you want to sing your heart out until you lose your voice, alongside lyrics that everyone in the audience can somehow relate too, it remains a mystery how this band haven’t gotten bigger in the past decade.

One of tonight’s highlights is the highly emotional ’Aberdeen 1987’, debut album In the Cold Wind We Smile, which sends goosebumps your my spine.

While delivering an extremely energetic live performance frontman Murray Macleod still finds time to interact with the audience, replying to their rowdy remarks and introducing them to his and bassist, Jordan Smith’s parents who to their surprise had travelled down for the gig – jokingly adding that the reason their mum’s remained seated was due to being slightly intoxicated from their journey.

Tonight’s other highlight comes in the form of a crowd-participation sing-along of the classic ’Slackerpop’ as the lyrics “I’ll be your man, I’ll be your mannequin” are chanted by the audience without needing prompting from Macleod.

The Xcerts close their set by dedicating ‘There Is Only You’ to the crowd who have supported them throughout their journey, however as the band say their goodbyes there are chants for more encouraging them to return to the stage for “one more tune” in the form of ‘Home Versus Home’.

Words: Jess Lavin


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