J.G. Wilkes – Jaxon [The Vinyl Factory]

German Pizza Party‘s appear to be rather notable – who knew?

For that is the album this EP has sprung forth from and it’s a beauty; a beauty of contrasting styles.


Happily enough ‘Jaxon’, in it’s original form, is the run away winner; it may be quite parsimonious with its beats and, in some ways, subtle to the point of diffidence but it’s a fully fledged beast of a track.

Feels at times like an old-style dub where 80% of a fuller original is stripped out to leave…well to leave something that, despite it’s apparent sparseness requires not a jot more; claustrophobic break, electro-funk bassline forever on a teasing cusp, disorientating atmospherics, sleek as a bulldozer in a sharp suit nursing a malicious disco-grudge.

In short, it’s excellent; a funky as hell, modern as hell, piece of brilliance.

After coming over all a quiver with that the other three cuts were always likely to suffer a bit but that’s possibly unfair: the remix of said ‘Jaxon’ by Cologne’s Barnt is a fine enough, emotive and driving house rework; on it’s own it’d be a winner it just can’t match the original.

‘Bathing Beauty’ wanders about in an ambient fashion whilst occasionally startling with an unexpected quack and whack; one to scare the shit out of your nearest and dearest in a moment of respite.

‘Useful Tool (Naum Gabo Remix)’ is certainly useful for reviving memories of ravey noises from a misspent youth; very reminiscent of a time when Detroit started becoming aware of Europe going collectively bonkers in the late 80’s and demanding a more aggressive sound.

That headline act though; superb effort.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts


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