Shopping, Spinning Coin, Seconds at The Old Hairdressers, 15/12/15

Fresh from a six-week tour of the USA, Shopping end 2015 on a roll.

They have had a tremendous 12 months, following on the success of their debut record, Consumer Complaints, with this year’s equally excellent Why Choose?.


I’ve seen Shopping a couple times over that period, closing London’s legendary Buffalo Bar at the end of last year for one, and then last time supporting ESG with Golden Teacher at The Oval Space, and they always give a spritely, energetic performance with their comfort and confidence rising with each show.

Headlining tonight, the band look like the toll of a huge US tour and taken them, however, they still give it everything to a full-to-the-brim Old Hairdressers, in a city close to the band’s heart due to singer Rachel Aggs Glasgow based project Sacred Paws.


Both supports Seconds and Spinning Coin equally give excellent accounts of themselves, the former giving a deep, funk inflicted dance-punk set akin to tonight’s headliners, while the latter give the loud slacker alt-rock vibe a more than a good name.

The night belongs to Shopping, who treating the audience to highlights from both albums, particularly getting the crowd moving on singles ‘In Other Words’ and ‘Straight Lines’.

Otherwise, particular highlights include the soulful ‘For Your Money’ before ending the set with an “enforced encore” of ‘Moyet’s Voice’.

On the basis of tonight, one is excited to see what is next from the London post-punk trio.

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Words: Adam Turner-Heffer
Photos: Ann-Christin Heinrich


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