Sleaford Mods at The Art School, 17/10/15

Arriving a wee bit late after mistakenly looking at the set times for the previous night’s Dundee show, I’m instantly hit by the heat of the totally mobbed Vic Bar.

It appears Sleaford Mods have fair gathered a following since we caught them in Broadcast back in November, indeed this had sold out well in advance, still the following is a bizarre one, and one majorly made up of men around the same age as the duo, who seem overbearingly aggressive at times as they spit every sweaty sentiment along with vocalist Jason Williamson every chance they get.


I may have read into this a bit much, the sweary commentary that Williamson gives is, when it aims to be, greatly poignant, but it seems that a lot of those here tonight have latched onto the potty humour and guttural language of it all rather than the clued up insightfulness of a lot of the duo’s output.

The show itself is high octane stuff as Williamson’s hyper, fast, spat deliver stills the reactive audience into some really meaningful energy, while beat maker Andrew Fearn stands in back, never pretending to do any more than hit a button at the start of each track.

Sleaford Mods3

There’s a refreshing honesty to Sleaford Mods, despite them not being from Sleaford or actually being mods, and the no thrills live set up; no backdrop and minimal lighting compliments the pummelling, dirty beats and sometimes angry, sometimes amusing vocal rants down to a tee.

The stage banter is crafty too, as Williamson comments on the standard tour food quipping: “I shit chips and whole hamburgers, I make Desperate Dan look like a fucking vegetarian”.

At times Williamson seems like he’s in a zone, staring across the stage, ranting his ever engaging knowledge of the music world and the world in general, at others he’s open, lashing out at the wankers of the world or being jovial and dancing at the audience, as if he turning to the crowd to cue a reaction.

Sleaford Mods are a force to be reckoned with and seem to finally be receiving the notoriety they deserve, how much bigger they can get is up in the air, but as long as they’re spouting the sleazy sounds and on point sentiments they are now they’re going to continue to attract people to joyously swear along with them.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Warrick Beyers


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