Fuzzkill presents Spinning Coin (EP launch), Breakfast MUFF, Psychic Soviets, Long Limbs at The Hug and Pint, 16/10/15

Another day, another review of something Fuzzkill related.

That’s not a complaint; just you may have noticed we’ve reviewed more records released on the lo-fi fuzzy focused label that any other, and that’s compliment to their prolific, yet stellar output.


Tonight is the launch of Glasgow lo-fi pop four-piece Spinning Coin’s EP and it’s a bill full of the talent we’ve come to expect from a Fuzzkill show.

Long Limbs

Up first is high-paced guitar/drums duo Long Limbs, who claim to come from Sheffield via Glasgow, and deliver catchy indie chops with a frantic chanted vocal delivery.

Lost Limbs aren’t a mile off some of the more credible UK indie acts that were verging on the mainstream ten years ago and with their buoyant bombastic energy it’s hard not to like them.

They’ve been noted as having hints of grunge in their sound, but that’s certainly not the defining factor in their sound, which unlike most duos of this ilk doesn’t rely on hard-hitting power, but instead lets the hook laden infectiousness of their sound do the talking; plenty of potential here.

The first time I saw Psychic Soviets, great name by the way, I instantly thought they sound almost exactly like 90s Glasgow favourites The Yummy Fur, and after catching them for a second time I haven’t changed my mind.

This is in no way a bad thing, if you’re going to recycle the sound of a band from Glasgow it may as well be The Yummy Fur; they’re one of the best bands to come out of our musically rich city in the last twenty years.

Psychic Soviets posses a powerful presence live, as their urgent, dystopian, snarling guitars are topped by jaunty bass and that zappy sneer John McKeown had at his best has most the busy basement hooked, the underlying humour of their predecessors may not instantly spill to the surface, but they do create a bold impression and one that I’d be interested to here on record.

Breakfast Muff

Tonight I finally get to see Breakfast MUFF live, I was supposed to be seeing them twice in two nights fairly recently, but illness caused them to pull out of both bills, but the wait is more than worth it as their snotty vocals are delivered with a punk energy that’s infectiously curbed by delightful undercurrents of indie pop.

Their one line description on Facebook sums them up brilliantly: “like Hole but funnier” and their set all seems a riotous disarray, but it’s infectious and charming; Breakfast MUFF are fun, funny, engaging and effortlessly likeable, go see them.

Spinning Coin3

This is also my first time seeing Spinning Coin, however I have seen their members in many other bands, including 20-minutes earlier for Breakfast MUFF, but the band’s these guys have played in is pretty extensive and includes absolute belters like plaaydoh and The Yawns.

The self-titled EP they’re launching tonight is an off kilter effort that ranges from the dreamy to the intense and that’s just what we get from tonight’s performance.

The mainly jumper clad four-piece are a charm, and their set, whether playing sumptuous overdriven slow tracks or more raucous jaunty numbers there’s always an overriding lo-fi fuzzy pop energy that just captivates.

These guys have a real knack for writing songs that put a real spring in your step and the exchanging vocals from Jack Mellin and Sean Armstrong work a treat.

Spinning Coin engulf you in a sound that seems made for any mood; you could swagger along to this at the top of your game, or perk yourself up with this from a downer, or indeed be relaxed in the comfort with this on in the background.

The two girls from Breakfast MUFF join them on stage late on to break that comfort, with a short, sharp punch of joyous energy, before the band close on another fast number that conjures a real urgency and ends the set in a wall of brilliantly snarled noise.

Another great night courtesy of Fuzzkill Records, and it turns out my out of turn SAMAs comments were enjoyed by the man behind the label, Ross Keppie, who quotes one of my tweets in my ear before joking “where’s my award?”, he probably deserves one more than most of the acts up for SAMAs and that’s no disrespect to them.

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Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Paul Storr


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