White Baer – The Promise of a Life of Violence

Dundee’s White Baer returns with their second EP, which is an all-round goodie.

They’ve come up with three rather melancholy tracks – but this is no bad thing.


In the first track ‘Whilst Running from the Gods’, the listener bears witness to some kind of emotional release.

“I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe, I won’t breathe…I can’t breathe on my own”, declares the singer desperately; the track seems to be some sort of striking cry for help, or a lament, an end to something.

A slow and calming 30-second guitar riff takes you into ‘Exit Four’; the opening lines soon emanate and you’re asked to “take your sorrow elsewhere”.

Sprinkled with melancholy notes, the overall sound and lyrics are deeply honest and this track will make all the sense when you’re having a reflective day and can’t quite make sense of the world.

The title track concludes things and refreshingly kicks off in a higher key; it’s nice to hear the violin and then the panpipes intermingle, producing a powerful and ethereal climax.

Words: Tina Koenig


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