Blossoms at Tut’s, 2/10/15

“Glasgow, have you got that Friday feeling?” enquires Tom Ogden as Blossoms take to the stage and launch into ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’, with the crowd’s response of swaying limbs and pint glass salutes confirming that their answer is in the affirmative.

This is the second time this year that the band have played Tut’s, and since their last visit in February they have seen a steady growth in their fan base following a summer of festivals, with tonight marking the opening of their UK tour.


It seems that Blossoms have struck gold in terms of making music rich in the holy grail of duality; each title on the setlist undergoes a flawless transition from an intricate and equally easy on the ear recording to a lively crowd pleaser, with this quality coming to the fore in ‘Madeleine’ with a meteoric guitar solo allowing the originally intelligent yet inoffensive pop rock track to assume a new personality.

The performance is delivered with an unwaveringly slick air, which artists with twice their level of experience would envy, yet this confidence never crosses over into arrogance, and with frequent reminders about the skill of his bandmates from the effortlessly cool frontman, it’s hard to ignore the collaborative chemistry within the group.

“Does anyone mind if we slow it down a touch?” asks Ogden as the end of the night approaches.

His question is met with a few sarcastic groans, but the complaints are short lived when we are treated to the melancholy acoustics of ‘My Favourite Room’.

Set closer ‘Blows’ is accompanied by the strobes, thrashing of bodies and soaring sing-along that it rightfully deserves, and the band tactfully placates the cries of “one more tune” with a chanted reprise of the chorus, which is still ringing around the venue long after they’ve gone offstage – all in all, very impressive, and certainly not bad for their opening night.

Words: Ellen Renton


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