Golden Teacher – Sauchiehall Enthrall

Glasgow six piece Golden Teacher opted to self-release this dubiously named EP after previously being very much associated with the Optimo behemoth: dubious perhaps because the one thing Sauchiehall Street rarely is is enthralling… though the night time delights of stilletos used as weaponry and as many Irn Bru jelly shots as you can down for a fiver does have a certain horrifyingly hypnotic attraction I guess.

Titles aside though, it is yet another solid and at times excellent bit of kit from the band; make no mistake, this is high quality stuff from a gleefully enthusiastic bunch.


Opener ‘Shatter’ rattles along with just the sort of dancefloor destroying percussion you want; uncompromising and a patois style vocal from prodigiously talented singer Cassie; dub and electronica, but above all else a rump-shaking groove and slightly terrifying bassline.

You really do want to hear this at 2am in a dark sweatpit.

As is the case for all four tracks in fact: the odd alchemy of looseness coupled with brain-crushing compression and claustrophobia is as dancetastic as it is compelling and managing to get what sounds like a Clanger going loco into a song – ‘No Hemos Vivido’ – deserves a gold(en) star all of its own.

All over it’s otherworldly – or netherworldly – and a vivid offering from this unique collective, who incidentally are a formidably high octane live proposition; if clearly mad to a man and woman.

Hard funk, groovy, ear-melting drums, ethereal bleeps, banshee yelps, touch of acid – what’s not to love?

Buy if; you want some seriously lively and quality voodoo music for your mind, body, soul and arse.

Don’t buy if; you have no ears.

The synthesis of a punky attitude with a Saturday night production is not a new one, but it’s hugely successful here; an enjoyable, arty, party romp.

Keep an eye on this mob, there’s real creativity at play here.

Words: Andrew Morrison


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