The Moon Kids – ‘Strange Thoughts on Sunday’ [Block 18]

The catchy, upbeat sound and the constantly shifting melody hooks make, The Moon Kids’ new single, ‘Strange Thoughts on Sunday’ a haven for pop music enthusiasts, but it also bodes well with those who just enjoy an all round good song.

The bright acoustic guitar tone leads this track right from the beginning, especially with the clean sound of the lead electric hitting major riffs and keeping the song adrift in a haze of summer pop.


The verses and chorus are straight forward in what to expect from an indie “fairground pop” song, but it is the memorable clear and fresh voice of David Barr that really sticks out in the track.

Towards the end, the song takes a different turn and begins an intense build up with the snare growing quicker and louder making the listener’s heart beat faster until it crashes back into the last melody and chorus like one last spin on the carousel.

This young band from Dunfermline have a lot of talent and the song proves this, by harnessing bright melodies, a clear tone in voice and an upbeat vibe the band manage to justify their own “fairground pop” tag.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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