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The Moon Kids – ‘Strange Thoughts on Sunday’ [Block 18]

The catchy, upbeat sound and the constantly shifting melody hooks make, The Moon Kids’ new single, ‘Strange Thoughts on Sunday’ a haven for pop music enthusiasts, but it also bodes well with those who just enjoy an all round good song. The bright acoustic guitar tone leads this track right from the beginning, especially with the … Continue Reading ››

Medicine Men, The Moon Kids, Ewan Butler, The Van T’s at Tut’s, 4/7/14

This evening in Tut’s serves as a T-Break warm-up for headliners Medicine Men as well as The Moon Kids, while local acts The Van T’s and Ewan Butler also support. The Van T’s come stage, first playing ‘Trip’ from their debut EP, and the band all take turns in urging the crowd forward, which spurs them … Continue Reading ››

T Break: Find Your T Highlight Here

It’s another year, it’s another summer and here’s hoping it’ll be as nice last year, yes the blistering heat of T last year left a few people a little worse for wear, staggering about looking for the next luke warm lager, but we can have no argument that’d it’s more fun in the sun. However we … Continue Reading ››