Tuff Love (EP launch), Min Diesel, The Pooches at Sleazy’s, 6/2/14

First up is James Hindle from The Pooches, who gives a strong set despite seeming a little nervous; but who wouldn’t be nervous performing solo when you’re used to being accompanied by others.

The Sleazy’s basement is already busy, but the atmosphere remains relaxed as Hindle treats the audience to a number of soft rock songs with honest lyrics.


The highlight of this intimate set is the short tribute to actor, Jonah Hill, ending with the lyrics: “he really is a very talented actor, and one day I hope to shake his hand” and leaving the crowd with a smile on their faces.

Min Diesel grab the audience’s attention the moment they step on the stage, it’s clear the band have brought a large number of supporters tonight as the end of each song is greeted by enthusiastic claps and cheers from the crowd.

Min Diesel treat the audience to a number of edgy post punk and grunge influenced tracks, which fill the crowded basement with the sound of loud instrumentals, showcasing some superb drumming and expertly plucked guitars.

What stands out most about Min Diesel’s is their frontman’s impressive vocal range, which makes the band stand out from many other early 90s sounding Scottish bands, a fitting addition to tonight’s line-up and one the crowd is obviously grateful for.

At the start of headliners Tuff Love’s set the basement is packed, however I manage to squeeze myself through the crowd to get a less obstructive view of front duo Julie Eisentein and Suse Bear performing a number of tracks from their two EPs, Junk and Dross (which is being launched here tonight).

“We were gonna come on stage to ‘It’s Raining Men’, I’m so glad we decided not do that” states Eisentein, providing the first of many funny anecdotes and clarifying that Tuff Love aren’t just here to play songs and leave; they are here to give the crowd a show.

Tuff Love’s performance is tight, the duo’s soft harmonies fit perfectly together and somehow manage to be heard over the sound of crashing drums.

The crowd is extremely vocal about their enjoyment of tonight’s show, providing the band with the loud claps and cheers they deserve for giving it their all.

Tuff Love only stop to slow things down around halfway through their set, by playing softer track ‘Penguin’, showcasing the duo’s vocals, but it isn’t quite as pleasing as hearing their harmonies in contrast to heavy instrumentals.

Before Tuff Love play their final song they thank the crowd for spending their Friday night at Dross’ launch and state that they spend “a lot of time practicing”, which shines through into tonight’s set and certainly gives the crowd more than their money’s worth.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Bill Gray


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