GingerBeardMen – ‘Vacuity/Flume’

This single from GingerBeardMen is full of everything you would expect from an electronic house duo, including wild breakdowns and deep basslines and altogether, it doesn’t disappoint.

The whole sound of the first track ‘Vacuity’ is entirely bass and melody orientated, and the repetitive synth sound is somewhere between a mix of jungle and deep house.


It is impossible not to get into the groove of this track due to the enigmatic, rooted drumbeat; it keeps the whole track bouncy and animated.

‘Flume’ is a little more energetic and the faster drumbeat keeps the tempo buzzing as well as using a more square-lead synth to begin with.

Eventually there is a more brash sound to the track as it adds a more saw-lead in the leading up to the breakdown of a deep drum and subtle hints of the synth.

Once the breakdown snaps back into the track, it returns to its barbarous and almost primitive sound giving it the desired effect of pushing this genre of music.

This single demonstrates what electronic music can do in terms of finding the right sound and power to make people want to move.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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