Static Future – Assembly

Static Future‘s second EP, Assembly, features four alt-rock tracks from the Glasgow five-piece, and their opener ‘Is This Real Love’ is a tight and polished summery number, reminiscent of Orange Juice.

Singer Gavin Marshall’s voice is at its smoothest and most distinctive here, though it’s a little unadventurous lyrically, being an idea explored many times before, however the track as a whole manages to sound well polished without being too overproduced.


Following on from this is ‘Roaming’, which sound much more raw, with more emphasis on the instrumental side to the track, all tied together with a catchy chorus, and halted abruptly with no fade out, whereas ‘A Summer Forgotten’ is a more melancholic number, which has an intro very similar to ‘The Beautiful People’ by Nicholas Cage Marilyn Manson, but quickly introduces a ska stroke guitar and this rhythm played against a distorted lead and mournful oooh’s makes for a more alternative number than the tracks that precede it.

Final track ‘Sunday Suns’ is more of a straightforward indie rock song, with stronger vocals than the middle of the EP, but nothing that hugely stands out from a crowd of similar acts.

It feels as if there is one great track in here, but it’s spread over a few songs; the catchy chorus of ‘Roaming’, the polish and vocals of ‘Is This Real Love’ and the experimentation of ‘A Summer Forgotten’.

All in all, it’s a solid if unspectacular EP from a talented band who potentially could do some chart bothering if they pushed themselves a little harder to find their own distinctive sound.

Words: Stevie Williams


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