Tuff Love – Dross [Lost Map]

Tuff Love’s second EP, Dross, from Scottish Indie label Lost Map starts the band off on a strong foot for the New Year.

Dross, being far more solid than it’s predecessor, Junk, also on Lost Map, has been ready for some time and the band asked us to include that they feel like “it’s been waiting for six millions years to be released”.


Tuff Love, Julie Eisenstein (vocals/guitar) and Suse Bear (bass/vocals), provide a tighter version of Vivian Girls, in both harmony and song writing.

Nods to British jangle and twee bands as much as it does to American acts such as Sleater Kinney; the sound of early 4AD is also noticeable in the swoons of melody.

Lead track ‘Slammer’, released in November, provides a playful bounce and opens the EP up with Eisenstein superb vocals sitting perfectly above the variety of feels the music provides.

Speaking to ravechild Bear has informed us that upcoming single/video “‘That’s Right’ is always super fun to play live so we’re excited about people hearing that next”.

The song itself a great example of how strong the band is now performing as a unit, and thankfully cutting out the drum solos that have been seen at recent gigs.

The EP builds up to the solid run of the tracks, ‘Sebastian’, ‘Doberman’ and finally ‘Cum’; the most mourn melody to close the EP, the sad lament of a failed relationship: “it could never be us”.

A solid EP that will build in the grounding the band made in 2014 and again goes to show the listener that Tuff Love are a better band than the majority of Glasgow’s current acts.


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