Secret Motorbikes – ‘Missing/Shotgun Crazy’ [New Year]

‘The Missing/Shotgun Crazy’ 7” marks the first physical release from Secret Motorbikes and second for new Glasgow label New Year Records.

Recorded in one studio session the Motor bros sound more focused and polished than the stealthily released debut album, Rum Punch.


Far from the drunken party feel of their gigs and the mentioned album, ‘Missing’ provides a three-minute dose of melodic melancholy, modulating guitar effects add to the queasiness and distance the band from the Strokes like sound that previous releases have had.

Marty ‘Tino’ Motorbike’s vocals sound not unlike Pavement man Stephen Malkmus with his relaxed phrasing.

For the b-side, ‘Shotgun Crazy’, guitars are set to twang, thankfully not the leading to a complete hoedown, which is surprising considering the level of humour the band display.

Like all Motorbikes tunes it is kept steady with the tight drumming of Iain “wide flam” Stewart, also of the Phantom Band, and Bronto Riff-Riff (as called by Marty Motorbike).

From knowing the band live I am interested how these more subdued songs will fit into their set, you are now advised to go to the next gig and enjoy the contrast.


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