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FUZZKILL XMAS PARTY with Deathcats, Secret Motorbikes at Old Hairdressers, 17/12/16

Secret Motorbikes support Deathcats with their third gig of the year; busy year. Considering how good their stand up routine is, we half believe they have sat in a room writing out punch line after punch line or as tonight would suggest practice their Australian/Kiwi accents. While Deathcats stopped playing two years ago, Chris Harvie and Scott … Continue Reading ››

FUZZKILL presents Breakfast MUFF (EP launch), Secret Motorbikes, BIN MEN at The Old Hairdressers, 19/12/15

The Old Hairdressers is a venue that bags intimacy with ease – It feels like a drunken party in your teenage best pal’s bedroom. Handmade posters hang above the main stage, some chairs are dotted about at random, someone’s left their drink on a speaker and an extension cable holds a few lamps and one of … Continue Reading ››

Deathcats, Secret Motorbikes, Pinact, The Rockalls at Stereo, 5/12/14

Wandering in to Stereo at half 7, I find that the show was an early start and catch the second half of The Rockalls set. A band with a lot of attitude, who clearly enjoy playing their rowdy garage-rock together, The Rockalls set is very good, albeit the sound is maybe a bit too loud to … Continue Reading ››

Secret Motorbikes – ‘Missing/Shotgun Crazy’ [New Year]

‘The Missing/Shotgun Crazy’ 7” marks the first physical release from Secret Motorbikes and second for new Glasgow label New Year Records. Recorded in one studio session the Motor bros sound more focused and polished than the stealthily released debut album, Rum Punch. Far from the drunken party feel of their gigs and the mentioned album, ‘Missing’ provides … Continue Reading ››

El Rancho presents The Audacity, Secret Motorbikes, The Rockalls at The Old Hairdressers, 23/9/14

It’s always an adventure of sorts catching a group you know nothing of, whether you end up watching your new favourite band, or whether you make a mental note to stay well away in the future. The Rockalls are the curtain raisers tonight at The Old Hairdressers, and much to my delight, establish themselves in the … Continue Reading ››

T Break: Find Your T Highlight Here

It’s another year, it’s another summer and here’s hoping it’ll be as nice last year, yes the blistering heat of T last year left a few people a little worse for wear, staggering about looking for the next luke warm lager, but we can have no argument that’d it’s more fun in the sun. However we … Continue Reading ››

Live review: New Year’s Revolution with Deathcats, Kill Surrrf, Secret Motorbikes, GARDEN OF ELKS at Tut’s, 13/1/14

1458566_590358731019443_1732808167_nIt’s a New Year – everyone’s in good spirits for a while but then there’s the realisation that you’re skint and there’s a whole lack of live entertainment in January until Celtic Connections kicks off. That’s not necessarily true as King Tut’s remedy the dead season with … Continue Reading ››

Live review: PAWS Halloween Ball with Black Cop, Halfrican, Secret Motorbikes, Sharptooth at Garnethill Multicultural Centre, 1/11/13

paws_garnethill_ravechild3An all local line up decked out for Halloween starts with Sharptooth – dressed as destroyed beauty queens – like the cover of Hole’s ‘Live Through This’ – diving headlong into Courtney Love’s ‘Miss World’ at the end of their spiky set. Secret Motorbikes have come as … Continue Reading ››

Live review: New Years Resolution with Honeyblood, Secret Motorbikes, Baby Strange, The Reverse Cowgirls at Tut’s, 10/1/13

IMG_7380 Thanks to its legendary status as a cradle of great bands, in the last decades Tut’s has started to feature more and more touring acts eager to tread the boards rather than acting as a proving ground for home-grown talent. To rectify the situation in recent times, … Continue Reading ››