Baren – ‘Youth’

Set to make a formidable entry into Scotland’s rock scene, new kids on the block Baren are set to release their debut record ‘Youth’, however a quick look under the hood and you will see that several of its members, David Gosling, David Napier and Bryan McGuire are veterans of the Glasgow circuit being involved with a previous project Cities and Skylines.

‘Youth’ starts with abstract blend of guitar and bass held together by the solid drum beats of Sam Leighton thats creates a sound that instantly catches the attention before progressing into one of the main parts of song.


It is in this first progression that we first hear Napier’s vocals, who possesses a very emotive quality and impeccable sense of melody set against the rich instrumental backdrop that the other members create.

Their sound is largely carried by a Gosling’s catchy grooves on bass which are complimented by McGuire and Lewis Glass on guitar who add a rich reverberant almost counter rhythm texture that creates a unique sound that Baren can proudly call their own.

The chorus is the strongest part of the song, a thicker sound from the guitars looks to add power to the vehicle that carries Napier’s vocals who take on a more raw and sincere quality and his interpretation of melody features as a huge addition to this section.

With alternations between repeating sections that feature variations so as to keep things from growing stale and a breaking in the middle to fit a section led by a guitar rhythm the track finishes never letting up on pace throughout.

‘Youth’ is an impressive track to make a debut on, its blend of rock and pop vocal melody helps creates a huge hook as well as the instrumental soundscape that lies beyond holds a wealth of nuisances that keep things fresh and exciting.

Baren possess a great skill in the strength of their songwriting ability, each section being well written and blend perfectly into its counterparts as well as the ability to craft a unique sound that will no doubt make them a formidable force in a future to come.

Words: Euan Coe


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