Sonny and The Lost Soul Train – ‘Shame On You/Sex’

Despite the swaggering confidence that Sonny and The Lost Soul Train’s new single exudes, there is little to be found here in the way of innovation.

Working within the parameters of blues inflected rock ‘n’ roll, the band have perfected their sound since their formation last year, and ‘Shame On You’ is an excellent example of it.


The single presents an undeniably powerful vocal, compensating for its lack of lyrical depth, and the solid bed of rhythmic guitar, bass and percussion on which it rests is lent colour by the flourishes of an organ.

However, though the instrumentation is tightly woven and very well executed, the song as a whole feels far too referential to the genre it occupies.

While the beauty of the classic rock ‘n’ roll ‘Shame On You’ and ‘Sex’, the single’s B-side, are clearly indebted to lay in its progressive and liberating nature, the band are doing the opposite, breaking little new ground in their attempts to replicate the sound and feeling of a genre defined by its refusal to dwell the past.

The use of brass on ‘Sex’ definitely gives it an edge, and the song contains an even stronger vocal than the A-Side, but the band will need to develop its own voice before it can truly find a place within a genre of trailblazers.

Words: Malcolm Higgins


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