Alburn – Mouthful of Glass [Spilt Lies]

Mouthful of Glass follows on from the release of Alburn‘s debut EP Engines, since it’s release in 2012 the band has shown real growth in both their performance and songwriting ability.

Mouthful of Glass showcases this growth and is a result of months collaborative writing between band members.


The EP features four songs exhibiting post-rock elements and an emo-infused sound which belt out from the speakers, capable of grabbing you by the throat.

Opener ‘The Nurses Can’t Help Me’ is a perfect example of this, Alburn don’t ease you they break out in heavy guitars, screaming vocals and passionate lyrics right from the start.

Slowing things down at the beginning of second track ‘Golden’, demonstrating striking harmonies before picking up the pace again.

‘Golden’ displays the band’s ability to execute the quiet/loud dynamic making captivating and memorable addition to the record.

The heavy guitar and screaming vocals come crashing back in the title track once again assuring Alburn’s place in the Scottish post-rock scene.

Final track ‘Sweetheart’ comes as an unexpected but pleasant surprise, an acoustic track featuring beautiful vocals and a charmingly picked guitar exposing much softer side of the band.

‘Sweetheart’ shares the same passion established throughout the record but also reveals something entirely unique and enchanting leaving you wanting more.

Words: Jess Lavin


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