The Ladywell Lout – Gadgies and Radges

With tracks citing names such as Alex Salmond and Phil Collins, The Ladywell Lout take a very individualised approach to experimental music.

This one-piece LA born outfit even carries a mission statement, ‘I have since been moving between different Ladywell’s in the UK (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Livingston, Motherwell, London, Salford, Dover…) on a mission to unite the forward thinking minorities who care about non commercial DIY music in the 21st Century’.


There was certainly an anticipation that the new EP Gadgies and Radges would provide something pretty unique.

There is often a fine line between genius and noise and it does seem that the honesty and soft synth loop create a fundamentally pleasant experience, ‘Ramp It Up For Sleep’ sets the tone nicely, followed by  ‘Trancetasticminimalplastic (Alex Salmond Mix)’, promises a syncopated, slightly out of time house ryhthmn, this takes more than dropping a few samples.

Doog Cameron clearly understands music and there is a sense of precision.

Suitably mellow, and in contrast to the previous track, ‘Phil Collins Got a Drum Kit When He Was 5’ creeps in more subtly with the addition of acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals, a general ‘whinge’ about issues that matter to him, the care for music is felt in this EP; a no nonsense approach to his art, provides a pretty comforting three-minutes.

‘5 Years On and Off’ is no exception, although more ethereal in tone, almost plainchant vocal style, the lyrics possibly too honest for some and not for the easily offended, but again there is real transparency, enhanced by sparse backing tones that makes you want to hear more about this character, it’s more like a collection of monologues for the 21st century.

Despite the title, ‘85% of Greyhounds are Depressed’ curtails you back into a digital party, more reflective of electronica and like the interlude in the show, sharply followed by ‘Out The Champions League’, there’s a shift back to softer echoes, sustained tones and distant voices.

‘One Night Post Dogma’ is more akin to material that’s already out there, but that’s ok, this sort of brings things back to earth for a little while, similarly ‘Reasons to Quit’ uses more guitar, bass and tambourine and there’s a sense of endings and reflection, as a pretty identifiable sentiment of modern day regrets comes through in the lyrics.

‘Gonny Come Here Danielle’ is a narrative that most people who have experience of Glaswegian culture could understand, eerie is an understatement, like walking home, when you reach that bit between the main streets of town and home.

Sleepin Breathin But Awake’ – you have to think about that title – ironic and dissonant, trailing, fading you away to the end of the EP, it’s open to interpretation whether The Ladywell Lout steps up to his mission statement but if you’re looking for an eclectic tale, something different but highly palatable, go ahead and indulge.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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