Golden Teacher – Party People [Optimo Music]

Golden Teacher’s third EP for Optimo Music offers up some incredibly diverse dancefloor gems.

On title track ‘Party People’ driving, afrobeat rhythms meet swaggering, howling vocals and space-age synth flares; the perfect intro to a 12” of eclectic, genre-hopping dance music.


This is the first time the two Golden Teachervocalists have been introduced and the result on ‘Party People’ sounds as if it was recorded at a house party – in a good way.

The bass-line driven ‘Love’ plays on some techno and house influences and uses delicately placed synth and percussion sections to create a real standout second track on the EP.

Low, muttered vocals throughout the track just ooze cool and echo around constantly evolving bass effects and the snare laden, urgent percussive style that dominates throughout Party People.

The combination of recorded live percussion and purely electronic elements makes for great listening and Golden Teacher prove a huge capacity for working outwith immediate trends in popular dance, with jazzier synth lines framing an intense afrobeat work-out on captivating third track, ‘Silver Chalice.’

It’s hard to fault a single moment of the rhythmic, primal dance material found on Party People.

It’s also hard to fully enjoy on record – it’s no secret that both artist and label have the primary intention of getting you, the listener, dancing like a lunatic and with dates lined up at the Psychedelic Forest Disco at Kelburn Castle as well as a promising Barrowlands Revue line-up which is sure to be a summer sun-soaked treat, Golden Teacher will have plenty of opportunity to do just that.

Words: Tom Deering


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